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 Bandera and Shukhevych Monuments Demolished in Western Ukraine. PHOTOS

In the museum estate of Stepan Bandera in Volia-Zaderevatska village of Lviv oblast, the monument and a bas-relief of Bandera have been damaged.

The director of the museum-estate in in Volia-Zaderevatska Oksana Bandera-Pyzhyk, damage to the bust and plaque was discovered by the museum staff in the morning of 6 March.

"On the monument and on the board they damaged the face of Stepan Bandera," said the director. "The monument is made of marble, covered with bronze, so it was hard to damage. But a plaque with a bas-relief suffered more damage."

According to Bandera-Pizhik, next to the museum the employees found the crime weapon and handed it over to law enforcement officers.

MP Viktor Shvets offered to restore the monument and the plaque. Another deputy of Batkivschyna elected by the district Oleh Kanivets, said that he's taking "the investigation of this act of vandalism under the personal control."

Museum in Volia-Zaderevatska is based in the premises, where the family of the future leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists Stepan Bandera lived 1933-36's .

Meanwhile in Zdolbuniv (Rivne oblast) member of the local district council Serhii Kondrachuk reported that vandals destroyed a memorial plaque to Stepan Bandera in Zdolbuniv central hospital. According to him, the damage was discovered in the morning on March 7.

In Zdolbuniv the vandals also painted a swastika under the broken plaque.

"The board we established in 2008, and it did not bother anyone, and before we opened a monument to Stepan Bandera in 2012, this board was a place for various activities," said Kondrachuk. "I think there are a lot of people in the city who would like to look in the eyes of these vandals. The board we will rebuild. It will be better and more beautiful. By the summer of this year."

Attempt of vandalism occurred in Lviv. Today, about 2 am unknown persons tried to take down a monument to Roman Shukhevych, which stands outside the museum of UIA General Cornet on Belogorscha street on the outskirts of the city (near the house, where on March 5, 1950 Shukhevych's last battle took place).

This was announced by the head of the Museum of the national liberation struggle in Lviv Ukraine Volodymyr Boyko.

According to Boyko, attackers smashed the plaque, and also tried to demolish the monument of Shukhevych, whic stands across the road from the house. They already threw the noose on the monument with which it was to be removed, but someone scared the intruders, and they ran through the park in front of the museum.

Boyko added that the administration of the museum in the morning turned to law enforcement.

As you know, in February of this year, more than 10 supporters of Svoboda led by the deputy Ihor Miroshnychenko in Sumy demolished monument to Vladimir Lenin.

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