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 Yatsenyuk: There will be no Presidential Election in 2015. We are Going to Rise the People

The opposition demands that Viktor Yanukovych come to the Parliament and hold a meeting with the leaders of the United Opposition, with the participation of journalists.

At a briefing Yatsenyuk stated: "After yesterday's decision of the court, we can say for sure - there will be no Presidential elections in 2015. Whoever wins the election - five clown judges will recognize that President Yanukovych won the election. For us, yesterday's court decision means the following - that the opposition is also changing tactics and strategy. We're going to rise the people. The country is suffering from political and economic crisis, which is caused by one person - Viktor Yanukovych," said Yatsenyuk.

According to him, in the event that this political and economic crisis will not be solved by Yanukovych personally, it will end in the parliamentary and presidential elections.

In this regard, the opposition demands that Yanukovych come to the Parliament and account for his actions.

"We have no trust in agreement with Yanukovych's regime but let him come to the Parliament and tell us what he is going to do, consider our manifesto, listen to the opposition and do the things that 50% of Ukrainians who voted for us demand," said Yatsenyuk.

The opposition demands that Yanukovych come to the Parliament at the next plenary meeting on March 19.

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