Ukrainian Politics

 West is Shocked by Decision in Vlasenko Case, Financial Times

The case of Serhii Vlasenko Ukraine exacerbates tensions with Brussels at the decisive moment of the bilateral relations.

The Financial Times writes:

The ruling's legality and motivation are being questioned, not least because it stands to aggravate tension with Brussels at a crucial time for bilateral relations.

A source in western diplomatic circles described the ruling as another "shocking" step taken by Kiev that will further "aggravate relations with Brussels and runs against any logic or the interests of Ukraine in terms of its chances of signing an association and free trade agreement with the EU this autumn".

The western diplomatic source said the EU leadership was keen to "continue dialogue if it sees progress" on the democracy front, "but Kiev's leadership is increasingly making this difficult".

On March 6, the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine deprived Batkivschyna MP and Yuliay Tymoshenko's defense attorney Serhii Vlasenko of parliamentary powers. The opposition is preparing a case to the European Court of Human Rights, which will request to reconsider the decision of the HACU.

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