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 I Will Continue Defending Tymoshenko as Before, Vlasenko on Court Decision

Vlasenko is not going to refrain from participating in the case of former Prime Minister.

"Today'scourt decision does not affect my status as a defense counsel inthe case of Yulia Tymoshenko. I will continue defending her as Idid before," said Serhii Vlasenko to LB.ua commenting on today'sdecision by HACU depriving him of the parliamentarymandate.

"I understand that the revoking of my mandate isnot their goal, their goal is to arrest me," saidVlasenko.

According to People's Deputy, he was aware of atleast three pending against him criminal cases, "how many of themactually - the big question. Like the fact which of these casesmight be arrested."

"After the incident with Dombrovskyy and Baloha,we knew what was coming, today's decision - it's not even aPandora's box, I do not even know what to call it," saidVlasenko.

Vlasenko calls the verdict illegal, pointing outin particular: "They tried to charge me with violations thatallegedly took place during the VI convocation, though there werenot any. Currently it is the VII convocation of the VR, that is,the charges are retroactive," said Vlasenko.

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