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 Purpose of This Decision is Systemic Destruction of Opposition - Yatseniuk on Vlasenko’s Mandate Deprivation

Tonight the opposition will prepare a suit to the European Court of Human Rights concerning the decision of HACU on deprivation of Serhii Vlasenko’s mandate.

Thiswas stated by Chairman of the Batkivschyna faction Yatsenyuk afterthe panel of judges announced the decision, reports the party'spress service.

He noted that at the trial it was proved thatthere were no grounds for revoking the mandate of deputy SerhiiVlasenko. "When this so-called judge read the decision, he did noteven know what it said, because it's a decision of the PresidentialAdministration. He did not know even know that the ECHR stands forthe European Court of Human Rights. Therefore it is clear that itis not the judge who wrote that decision. And it is clear thatthere are no fair courts, justice, or law in Ukraine. This decisionwas made on the direct orders of Viktor Yanukovych," saidYatsenyuk.

"Fear of Yanukovych and lack of conscience isnot a legal matter. Legally, we won. This is clearly a politicallymotivated case. There is a customer of the case - PresidentYanukovych, there is an organizer - Presidential Administration,and there are executors - five men in judges' robes," he stressed.Yatsenyuk noted that the purpose of this decision is not just todeprive Serhii Vlasenko of deputy mandate. "The purpose of thisdecision is the destruction of the system of the Ukrainianopposition. The head of this special operation is the Presidenthimself."

"He (Yanukovych) is not planning any trip toEurope. He is not going - no one will let him. He is not tellingthe truth. He goes there, promises something, says - and doeseverything the on the contrary in this country. He captured all thepower and thinks that he will continue to live this way withimpunity - ruling and humiliating. He believes that he is a tsar inthis country. And we believe that in this country, according to theConstitution, the right to rule lies only with the people ofUkraine. And we, as the opposition will fight so that the Ukrainianpeople will regain their right to rule the country," said chairmanof Batkivschyna faction."

He noted that the authorities are making fun ofmillions of Ukrainians, "They cannot defend themselves, if they donot an "envelope" (with money), if they do not have a direct lineto a government official." Yatsenyuk noted that the case to theEuropean Court of Human Rights concerning the decision of the HACU,which the opposition will prepare tonight, will be considered assoon as possible, and he expressed confidence that the EuropeanCourt of Human Rights will overturn the decision ofHACU.

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