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 Yanukovych: Everything We Earn Will be Ours and We will Divide it the Right Way

President Viktor Yanukovych promises to correctly split the revenue of the state and allocate it to social benefits and wages in particular.

Accordingto Ukrainian News, he stated it after visiting the Cherkasy Oblastdiagnostic consultation center.

After the speech, and inspection of the center'spremises the President went to talk to people who began askingquestions.

In particular, the residents of Cherkasy wereinterested in the matter of wages increase for state employees. "Weshould not kid ourselves. Everything we earn will be ours and wewill divide it the right way: first of all, to the poor, for thosewho cannot earn for themselves, in particular, pensioners andpeople with disabilities," the President said.

He stressed that raising social benefit paymentsdepends on the performance of the economy. "Look at what is beingdone in Europe: a reduction of wages and social benefits," said thehead of state.

He noted that in Ukraine the social payments andwages have been gradually increasing for the past 3years.

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