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 Parliament will not Commence Work While There is Blatant Attack on Freedom, Turchynov. VIDEO

Head of the political council of the United Opposition Oleksandr Turchynov told reporters that the opposition will probably remain in the Parliament for the night.

"If we see that there is a threat of our opponents tryingto unlock the Parliament at night, of course we will stay for thenight. But we are not afraid, if the Regions block the Parliament.Because in doing so they will support our claims regarding stoppingdangerous processes in Ukraine. On the contrary, they want to showstability in the Parliament. But the highest legislative body inthe country cannot work steadily when the Constitution iscollapsing, people's rights are being thrown out the window, andpolitical leaders are thrown in jail," he said.

According toTurchynov, the Parliament can start work any day, even today, ifthey stop attacking the rights of the opposition and citizens,Cesnor.NET correspondent reports.

"If the Party ofRegions joins the blocking, that's their problem. This will betheir desperate gesture which will lead to nothing. Let them block,we will block again."

According to him,the Parliament cannot work in an environment where the politicalprisoners are harassed and the mandates are revoked by the decisionof the Presidential Administration.

"We do not carewhether or not they will try unlocking by force. The Parliamentwill not work while there is a blatant attack on freedom. They donot even attempt to unlock, because it does not benefitthem."

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