Yanukovych's Son is a Mafia “Overseer". He Took Control of Security Forces, Says Former Head of Metropolitan Police

At the moment, various fields of public institutions have so-called "overseers".

They oversee and take part in the plundering of public resources, said in an interview to Glavkom MP, deputy of the parliamentary committee for fighting organized crime and corruption Vitalii Yarema.

"Crime bosses, notorious gang leaders, "overseers". The bottom line is that the criminal element is involved in the redistribution of the budget, property, and the like. In the 90's they were taking the property away from the state, and today they are taking it from other businessmen and oligarchs. This is the worst, because the state offices are occupied by mafia bosses," said Yarema.

According to him, the police is focused on the destruction of the political opposition, but does not notice, and is not engaged in the destruction of these criminal gangs in the government.

"Therefore, today we have the President's son, who in 18 months became one of the richest people in Ukraine. Yanukovych was asked how he achieved that and replied - he is a successful man. But Yanukovych is a civil servant, he have to explain how he became so rich," said the deputy.

Yarema considers Oleksandr Yanukovych to be an overseer, too.

"It seems that way, because how else could he get so rich. Has he made a new car or build a factory? Nothing of the sort, the son of the President took control of the tax, customs and law enforcement authorities," he said.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n235120