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 No European Politician Would Be Convicted for Things that Tymoshenko did. Schroeder Signed a Contract with Gazprom, MEP

Leader of the Green Party in the European Parliament Rebecca Harms emphasizes that no European politician or statesman would have been condemned on those charges that were brought against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for signing gas contracts with Russia.

"Shesigned a gas supply agreement, did the same at the time the GeneralGerman Chancellor Schroeder. Agreement between German companiesand" Gazprom "is no different from the one signed between Ukraineand Russia," - she said in Kyiv on Tuesday,Interfax-Ukraine.

Harms believes that Tymoshenko was convicted forhaving power and influence, and she is a very sizable figure in thepolitical arena of Ukraine.

"I think that this cruel uncompromising struggleagainst Tymoshenko is related to the what she managed to achieve.Besides, the power of President Yanukovych would be threatened ifthe elections were held tomorrow and Tymoshenko took part in them,"she said.

Harms added that in prison, and in Kharkivhospital the conditions are inhuman.

"Even in the hospital, we see that they havetaken away any chance of a private life," shesaid.

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