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 "Give Us Back the NKVD and Sausages at 2.20" Performance on Stalin’s Death Anniversary in Donetsk

10 community activists held a performance in front of the Donetsk oblast administration on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin.

News of Donbass reports that the action was called 60 Years Without Stalin - among the participants there were members of the nationalist party Svoboda and Vitali Klitschko's Udar. Activists lined up outside government offices with placards, "Joseph Arise," "Reptilian Regime to Account", "Journalists to Gulag," "Give us Back the NKVD and Sausages at 2.20."

One of the organizers activist Denis Kazanskyy had told the audience about the achievements of the Great Helmsman who was building the camps not only for children but for their parents as well, stopped fascism at the cost of 40 million "pathetic lives" and gor Russia with a plow and left with a nuclear weapon. He also urged to canonize the Soviet leader and even, perhaps, to clone him, as Dolly the sheep.

Then gave the floor to a schoolgirl who read a passage from the song by Alexander Harchikov "Stalin, Arise!".

In the final scenes of the crowd was presented with a man in a cape and mask of the Soviet leader, who briefly lamented the rampant capitalism "on the remains of a once great power." Kazan then handed him a jar of red liquid, calling it "blood of the people's enemies." A man in a mask of Stalin said: "I hope that this is Bandera supporters blood," to which the activist said yes. After that "Stalin" has taken a few sips from the can, and left, promising to return as soon as he gains strength and the show was over.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n235077