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 This Fall Will See Last Army Draft, Ministry of Defense

The last general draft for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be held in the fall of 2013.

Thiswas announced by Deputy Defense Minister Oleksandr Oliynyk at apress conference in Kyiv, Liga reports.

"For years this question (about the transitionof the Armed Forces on a contract basis) was studied by theleadership of the state and the military, and today the finaldecision was made - this fall will be the last general draft," saidthe Deputy Minister.

According to Oliynyk, the working on hiringcontract soldiers is already underway. The official added thattoday the earnings of contractors are 5-6,2 thousand UAH amonth.

According to the concept of reforming the ArmedForces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian army will fully switch to contractbasis in 2017. Today Ukraine has a mixed system of service:contract and term with most of the officers transferred to contractservice. The concept of military reform is to reduce the number ofstate troops to 115 thousand people. Today it is 184 thousandpeople.

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