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 Putin Hinted Yanukovych that in Two Years Migrant Workers will not be able to work in Russia

Since 2015 the movement of labor force to Russia will be limited to the countries of the Customs Union.

It is reported the press service of the President of Russia.

Putin said: "Mr. Yanukovych mentioned problems just now. The closer we work with Kazakhstan and Belarus, the harder it is for Ukraine to go to our markets with their traditional products. And the Ukrainian President is, of course, concerned, and that's understandable."

"Since 2015 labor movement will be restricted to countries of the Customs Union. We have publicly announced that. Today's preferential order of movement of workers will be kept only for the countries of the Customs Union. Of course it worries us, Russia and Ukraine," said the Russian President.

"Together, we will think how to avoid these negative things and do everything to ensure that there is no deterioration, but rather as Viktor Yanukovych said for us to move forward, in light of the challenges that we face in the world economy," summed up Putin.

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