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 New Mezhyhiria Photos! Improvements for Yanukovych in a Year: Golf Course, Heliport and a Stable Completed. PHOTOS

Construction at Yanukovych’s Mezhyhiria is complete. You can see this, thanks to Google Earth satellite imagery service. They recently updated the images taken over the residence of Ukrainian leader.

In the onlinecommunity, the word "improvement" has mostly sarcastic sense. ButYanukovych can see real improving, which can be felt at every meterof Mezhyhiria, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

The most recentphotographing of the area was carried out six months ago, September3, the 2012, but the footage became available only recently.Previous satellite imagery of the residence was dated August 27,2011.

Thus, comparing,we can see how life has changed for Yanukovych in exactly one yearof leading the country.

While the state isgoing through the next stage of the global crisis, Mezhyhiriacontinues its Belle Epoque. A few "strategic" facilities tha nowadorn the presidential weekdays of Viktor Yanukovych have beencompleted.

As can be seen fromthe satellite images, in a year several construction sitesdisappeared - the work there is complete.

The first thing thatcatches your eye is a golf course, which now pleases Yanukovych. Doyou know many personal golf courses are there in the world?Maintaining an infrastructure costs about half a million euros ayear (!), write specialized magazines. In addition, the cost ofbuilding it 2-3 million euros at the least.

During the year thereare no visible changes here. Ukrainian "Versailles" continues toplease its master.

Another unique objectat Yanukovych's residence is a private heliport with hangar. As isnow evident, it is fully completed. They construction of one inKanev for Euro 2012 cost the budget 10 millionhryvnia.

If you compare thepictures in 2011, then in 2012 around the garage complex they beganto construct a few more buildings. In particular, Yanukovych nowhas his own unique set of greenhouses for 20 climate zones - up tothe subtropics. Actually, the phobia of Yanukovych are manifestednot only in the increased security measures in terms of bodyguardsbut also in the organization of a diet. He does not risk usingpurchased groceries. He is served the food grown inMezhyhiria.

Near the house whereYanukovych lived before moving to his Hinka house,the construction of the Equestrian Club has beencompleted.

A year earlier therewas nothing on the spot.

These are personalstables of Yanukovych and an indoor arena.

The Yacht Club wasalso completed last year. To the left is a personal fire stationfor Yanukovych. The rightmost object has not been identified sofar.

None of theUkrainian TV channels have run a story about corrupt schemes oftaking control over Mezhyhiria in the years of PresidentYanukovych's rue. Meanwhile, the glory of this site is distributedaround the world - in the same 2012 articles about the luxury ofPresident Yanukovych ran in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, DerSpiegel, the Guardian, and Huffington Post, as well as on Danishand German television.

Althoughcorruption surrounding the Presidential Palace is censored onUkrainian TV, it turned out that Ukrainian citizens are well awareof the story. Last fall, the Ukrainian Pravda order a case study,which revealed - despite ignoring the topic of Mezhyhiria, 42% ofUkrainians are well aware of what it is, and half of them are forreturning the residence to the state.

The matter ofMezhyhiria is destined to become one of the points of the electionprograms of opposition candidates in presidential elections. Bysurrounding himself with luxury, Yanukovych on the eve of 2015 leftno other option than to demand the confiscation of his odioussymbol of corruption.

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