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 Presidential Administration Explained to Deputies What Happens if They do not Deprive Vlasenko of his Mandate

On Monday at 8:00 am there will be a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee which will make a decision on withdrawal of Serhii Vlasenko’s parliamentary mandate.

Accordingto Batkivschyna press-service, it has learned the information fromreliable sources.

According to reports, the need for an urgentmeeting of the committee is due to the fact that the previousdecision was falsified, committee meeting took place, and some ofits members did not even have information on the preparation of theillegal decision.

According to the press service, theAdministration of the President ordered the Speaker VolodymyrRybak, along with the leadership of the factions of the majority toensure the attendance of the committee members from the Party ofRegions and the Communist Party.

At that, the members of the committee from thepro government majority were told "What will happen if they failthe vote and the problem of depriving Serhii Vlasenko hisparliamentary mandate," says Batkivschyna pressservice.

As reported earlier, Rybak filed arecommendation to the Supreme Administrative Court on deprivingVlasenko parliamentary mandate.

On Friday, first deputy head of the proceduralcommittee Andrii Pyshnyy said that Makeienko is urgently callingRegions deputies on March 2, to gather "live" signatures of thedeputies whose signatures were falsified when voting on thedecision on deprivation.

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