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 These are not Minor Skirmishes but Geopolitical War of Warsaw and Moscow for Ukraine

Russia adopted a new foreign policy concept, an example of which determines the field of conflict between Warsaw and Moscow. At the core of the conflict is Ukraine, which is trying to balance between the two opposing orbits.

"The official goal of Russia - is to build a influence centers in the form of the Eurasian Economic Union, covering Ukraine. Moscow is not hiding its goal: to dominate Kyiv," this is stated in the Saturday issue of Rzeczpospolita by journalist Andrzej Talyaga, Polish Radio reports.

"The objective of Poland is quite the opposite - namely, to prevent the drawing of Ukraine into the Russian orbit and placing it in the Euro-Atlantic bloc. These are not some minor skirmishes but a geopolitical war. After all, both parties are fighting not only for the influence, but also for their own safety," adds Talyaga.

He also notes that for Ukraine in the future has no other choice: either the West or Moscow.

"The policy currently conducted by Kiev - the same distance as with the EU and with Moscow - will be impossible to hold, if only because Ukraine has no relevant demographic and natural resources to maintain a long, full sovereignty. And no matter what orbit it would fall under, the other party will oppose," says the author.

Earlier President Viktor Yanukovych has repeatedly stated that the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU is a priority for Ukraine. The President stressed that the development of relations and partial entry into the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) is also of interest to Ukraine.

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