Yanukovych Told Ministers About "Improvement” and Threatened Tough Staff Decisions

President Viktor Yanukovych gave a speech at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet.

In hisspeech he used the word "improvement" several times, reportsCensor.NET.

According to the President, the governmentmanaged to achieve great results. Among them stabilization of thenational currency. "Three years of hryvnia stability," saidYanukovych. And facilitation of the issuance of permits, andreducing the tax burden on businesses, and strengthening of thebanking sector.

Also, according to Yanukovych, support forpensioners has been increased. The average pension increased by 44%and the minimum - by 25%. According to the President, the averagesalary has increased as well.

However, as noted by Yanukovych, many problemsremain unsolved. The president felt it especially after his"Dialogue with the Country."

"Have we managed to do everything? No. Iespecially felt this when communicating with citizens in ateleconference ... Actually, I feel that we have a lot to do in theregions still. People do not care for words but specific programs,"Yanukovych said, noting that he got a lot of complaints againstofficials who "disregard human interests."

Also,he said, most of the companies got into a group with high risk.Regions do not get emergency help from the center. The reform inthe housing sector is dragging. "The list is long," the Presidentsaid, noting that now the logic of anti-crisis measures needs to beworked out. "We did not appreciate the scale of bureaucraticresistance. We do not have time to think," Yanukovych said,referring to the Ministers.

He alsodemanded the government to ensure the fulfillment of commitmentsmade by Ukraine at a summit in Brussels. At the same time, thePresident said it is necessary to continue the search for amutually acceptable model of relations with the Customs Union,which includes the "fraternal peoples of Ukraine."

In conclusion Yanukovych noted that updating theglobal economy remains weak, leaving Ukraine to look for reservesfor domestic development.

"The reforms become irreversible," - saidYanukovych. Any attempt to promote corruption, according toYanukovych, will be severely punished, including personneldecisions. "I warn you: I will monitor any attempt to keep theloopholes of corruption will be severely punished, including thehuman resources decisions ... It is important that every member ofthe Government recalled that his goal - improving the welfare ofits citizens," - said Yanukovych.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n234421