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 If Klitschko Passes Up, Opposition Will Nominate Another Candidate for Kyiv Mayor, Says Batkivschyna

Even if the leader of Udar Vitali Klitschko refuses to run for the post of mayor of Kyiv, the political opposition will nominate a single candidate.

It wasannounced on Channel 5 by Batkivschyna deputy VitaliiYarema.

"The opposition has repeatedly stated that weare going in a single front - the three opposition forces willnominate a single candidate. Vitali Klitschko's name was voiced, ashe has repeatedly than once declared his ambitions for the post.Second, today the authority of the man is extremely high in Kyiv,and that is why the opposition forces nominated him. If he refusesto run for mayor of Kyiv - it's his right - then we will meet againand put forward another single candidate. Under no circumstanceswill candidates from Svoboda, Udar or Batkivschyna run against eachother," said Yarema.

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