The Shooting of Simeiz Mayor Was Caught on CCTV

Simeiz Mayor Kyrylo Kostenko’s assassination was allegedly recorded by one of the local security cameras located on a mini-hotel.

It isreported by TSN.

Law enforcement officers seized the video, butthe hotel's security guard said that it is clear that a killer wasin a Zhiguli of the First model, and that the shooting lasted nolonger than 30 seconds.

Law enforcement officials do not disclose howmany versions of the murder they have ortheir details. It is knownthat one of them is connected with the activities of Kostenko inthe post of the village head. Law enforcement officials areexploring all decisions taken by the mayor regarding the land andconstruction in Simeiz.

Also they are studying the complaints of thosedissatisfied by decisions. Law enforcement officials do not excludebusiness squabbles. Perhaps Kostenko crossed the road in somebody'sinterests.

But it is clear that the assassination wasplanned in advance, and most likely conducted by professionals.According to unconfirmed information, while at the scene, they haveleft no shells while allegedly shooting 16 times.

Kyrylo Kostenko was born in 1972 in Mariupol. In2010 he became the chairman of the village council of Simeiz - hewas nominated by the local organization of the Party ofRegions.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n234404