Party of Regions Deputy Beaten to Death

In Kalanchakskyy district of Kherson oblast Party of Regions deputy of the oblast council, Head of the State Administration of Education Yelena Mashynska was found murdered.

Twodays there was no connection with the deputy, she did not respondto calls of her daughter. After that, her daughter went to thepolice, reports Ukrainian News. Field investigators inspected thehouse with gardens, and stumbled on the body of 45 year old womanwith traces of a severe beating in the sump.

A source close to the Ministry of InternalAffairs reports and the apparatus of Kherson Oblast Councilconfirmed this information. The cause of death are beinginvestigated.

Yelena Mashynska was elected to the oblastcouncil as a single constituency deputy and soon early electionswill be announced in her district.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n234217