Another Scam from NBU - Entrepreneurs will be Robbed by New Cash Registers

Tax officials want to know how much money a business makes "on the spot".

Anotherinnovation in the tax system in the country - in 2013, theintroduction of cash register equipment with electronic controltape caused a wave of panic among Ukrainian businessmen . Nowonder, because in Ukraine there are 152 thousand entities, usingabout 280 thousand of cash registers, and they will be merged intothe system. Censor.NET figures out the essence of the reform andhow the Tax Service and the NBU are planning to monitor thistime.

Thesituation was explained to the chief of department of the taxcontrol of Ministry of Income Serhii Krukhmalev: The practice ofusing electronic control tapes is wide spread in the world - inRussia since 2002, in Slovakia since 2010, similar systems havebeen operating in Italy, the UK, Turkey, Canada, Georgia and othercountries. The advantages are obvious for the state - it is a muchbetter control system. However, this system creates far greaterconvenience for entrepreneurs.

Despitethe fact that in trying to give a positive coloring to the reform,our sources at the National Bank of Ukraine claim that the secrecyof the project of the electronic control tape is due to the corruptinterests of commercial structures close to the leadership of theNBU.

One of the operators of the market agreed totell how the authors of the scheme plan to split the profits. Underthe planned scheme a monthly fee for the operation of cashregisters with the modem should be at least 100 UAH extra for eachregister. 40 of them will go to the organization serving the cashregister, 30 to technical acquirer (remember these are only two -UkrCard and Interplat) and 30 - to one of the two authorizedproviders of communications. There is no information on tenders toconnect the cash registers to the Internet in the Bulletin ofProcurement.

Let usmake a simple calculation: 280 thousand cash registers. Monthlyfee, if the unofficial evidence is correct, should be 28 millionUAH. Of these, about 8.4 million will go to the account ofacquirer. Operating costs will be small - acquirer is responsiblefor the technical support of servers and software. 30 UAH for eachcash register, if the scheme is implemented in practice and thenumbers become official - this will be, in fact, royalty, netincome of the project. 8.4 million UAH per month, or over 100million a year at a penny operation cost ... Good money. Similarly,the issue has not been elucidated regarding the provider, theplanned share for connection is also extremely profitable. And ifwe get a share of the service organization ... I'm sorry, but whyshould the Ukrainian businessmen have to pay thismoney?

Based on the above, the National Bank of thepublic shall immediately disclose all details of the projectimplementation of the electronic cash register tape. And regulatoryauthorities shall verify the legality and validity of the procedurefor determining the technical acquirer, and scheduled rates foroperation of new cash registers.
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n234176