Ukrainian Politics

 Campaign of Our Ukraine was Sponsored by Party of Regions, Former head of Party’s Executive Committee. VIDEO

The money for the campaign of Our Ukraine in the parliamentary elections of 2012 was provided by the current government.

This was stated by former chairman of the executive committee of the party Serhii Bondarchuk on Channel 5.

"We have documentary evidence of treason in the interests of the Party of Regions. And it changed, although not very significantl, the balance of power in the Parliament. But more importantly, the destruction of myths "about Ukrainian" - people who cite Shevchenko and wear embroidered shirt, and at the same time cooperate with the government - these are the most terrible people," he said.

According to the politician the "campaign financing of Our Ukraine was conducted from the headquarters of the Party of Regions."

"Our Ukraine party is not the property of Viktor Yushchenko and it never was. I believe that if Ukrainians have rated in the 2012 elections the betrayals which for many years took place in Ukrainian politics, Our Ukraine should also give this assessment," said Bondarchuk.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v234121