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 Yanukovych Misspells Even His Own Name. DOCUMENT

President Viktor Yanukovych in 1996 in the civil servant oath wrote his name with a mistake.

Journalist Serhii Leshchenko publishes the oath Yanukovych took as a public servant on 12 August 1996 when he was appointed deputy governor of Donetsk oblast.

If this was a conscious action, it can be considered as forgery under Article 366 of the Criminal Code ("Drafting, issuing official of false documents, entering into official documents of false information, and other forgery of official documents.)

As can be seen from the document, instead of "Yanukovych" it is written "Yanukovіch."

"By and large, the oath of a public servant of the current President can be considered void. Yanukovych has in fact not taken the oath, not entered properly in the public service - and illegally occupied all positions, from 1996 until the election as the President when he took a new oath - Presidential," wrote Leshchenko.

As the journalist notes, Article 30 of the law "On Public Service" provides one of the grounds for the termination of public service by failure or breach of the oath.

According to the law "On Public Service", swearing in is essential for gaining legal status of the public servant. An unsworn person cannot entered the post of the public servant.

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