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 People Need Grub, not Europe, Regions Deputy

MP from the Party of Regions, Oleksandr Presman is confident that Ukrainians are not interested in what is happening in Europe, they are busy with their own problems.

Heexpressed this opinion in an interview with Glavnoe.

Presman said that people in his district (the139th District in Odesa oblast) today "need to complete thereconstruction of kindergartens, schools, they need quality roads.""If I deal with depolitization today, decriminalization, thinkabout the European Union, tomorrow nobody will vote for me," hesaid.

Presman believes that Olha Herasymiuk is a goodexample in this respect. "She told me how she worked in PACE. Aregular citizen does not care what happens there. He needs grub,work, children's education, apartments for youth. Nobody caresabout PACE. They will be happy to resolve their own issues. Theyhave more problems than we have. But we do not meddle with them,"said the Regions deputy.

Presman won elections in the 139th district, bya considerable margin ahead of his rivals and Olha Herasymyuk andYevhen Tsarkov.

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