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 Yanukovych Instructed Azarov to Speed Up “Improvement”

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych instructed the Cabinet to accelerate the implementation and improve the implementation of the program of economic reforms for 2010-2014 "Rich society, competitive economy, effective government."

This isreported by the official site of the Head of State.

In particular, the President asked the PrimeMinister to expedite the submission to the Verkhovna Rada of thebill prepared pursuant to the National Action Plan for 2012 toimplement economic reforms for 2010-2014 "Rich society, competitiveeconomy, effective government."

The President also ordered the government toensure that the draft amendments to the State Budget for 2013primary financing costs of carrying out the law "On emergencymedical care," especially in enhancing the level of remuneration ofthe EMS personnel, the second phase of the national project "Timelyhelp" - development of single regional operational control serviceswith the use of modern GPS-technology to reduce the time of arrivalof ambulance crews to the patient and gradual fleet renewal of theEMS and disaster medicine centers.

In the context of amendments to the Law "On theState Budget of Ukraine for 2013" Yanukovych also instructed toensure reform in the provision of administrative services,including the establishment of centers for the provision ofadministrative services and the operation of the Single StatePortal of administrative services.

The President also mentioned the need fordevelopment and inclusion in the prescribed manner to theParliament of a draft law on amendments to some legislative acts ofUkraine regarding the application to business entities responsemeasures in the form of full or partial suspension of production(manufacturing) or the sale of products, performance of work(providing services) according to the decision of theadministrative court.

Special attention Yanukovych paid to theimportance of taking effective measures to improve the businessenvironment and ensure Ukraine being in the first hundred of DoingBusiness rating of the World Bank in 2013.

The instruction also states that the governmentshould make an analysis of the implementation of the existingprograms of international technical and financial assistance, andto take on the results of the analysis of measures to improve theeffectiveness of such assistance.

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