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 Tymoshenko Demands to Be Taken Court Despite Her Health, Lawyer Says

Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko demands to be taken to tomorrow’s hearing in Kyiv, despite the state of her health.

Accordingto Comments this was stated by her lawyer Serhii Vlasenko at abriefing in Kharkiv citing a statement of the former PrimeMinister.

"The statement said: 'I demand to take me tocourt to take part in the questioning of witnesses, despite myserious illness. I demand to inform me of the time of convoy'sarrival to deliver me to the Kyiv Court of Appeals where a hearingwill take place tomorrow February 19, at 10:00 a.m.," saidVlasenko.

However, the defender believes that Tymoshenkowill not be taken from Kharkiv. "Most likely, there will be anotheract, they will say that they cannot take her because she refused togo r she forgot to sign some paper," he said.

Vlasenko noted that answering his question, howmany of these applications were written before the interrogation ofthe witness Serhii Zaytsev, Tymoshenko said: "About adozen."

"It is absolutely clear: the last two witnessesprove that the PGO has nothing, there are no living witnesses ofthose events, but there is a desire to conduct a propagandacampaign called "Let's smear Tymoshenko and prove her involvement,"added the defender.

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