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 Judge in Lutsenko Case Received 100,000 USD Apartment. DOCUMENT

Judge Tetiana Shyroian, which was appointed to preside the case of Yurii Lutsenko in the Supreme Special Court received an apartment worth about 800 thousand hryvnia (100 USD).

In response to the inquiry of the Ukrainian Pravda thecourt informed that the apartment was given to Shyroian on December24, 2012.

The apartment waspurchased by the court from Kyivmiskbud in August of last year. For8 apartments the court paid 6.5 million hryvnia, i.e. the averageprice of the apartment is about 800 thousandhryvnia.

Lutsenko's lawyersfiled a cassation to the Supreme Special Court in August, but thedate of the case has not yet been appointed.

First, the courthad no premises to study the classified volume regarding the case,then it took several months for the judges to obtainclearance.

On January 3Pecherskyy court finally handed the classified volume to the SSCU.However, on the same day judge Shyroian went on sick leave which onFebruary 2 was prolonged for another 20 days.

That is, untilFebruary 22, the judge did not come to work. On January 15 arepeated automatic selection of the judge was conducted but onJanuary 17 the results were cancelled. As stated in the courtresponse, the results were canceled due to a short period of timethat judge Shyroian was on sick leave.

However, accordingto the Ukrainian Pravda, the automatic distribution was canceled,as the case went to Deputy Chief Judge Mikhaylo Vilgushynskyy - thesame judge who made the decision in summer on the illegality of thecharges against Leonid Kuchma.

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