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 Alex Yanukovych is Snatching Everything He Can – He is a Proctologist, Lutsenko in Court

Yurii Lutsenko said in court that he does not consider himself guilty, and that there is a need to correct the regime and not him.

Pressservice of People's Self-Defense Larisa Sarhan quotes the formerInterior Minister saying: "I do not feel guilty. It is not me whoshould be corrected but the regime."

"The notion that Lutsenko does not deserverelease, because he was reprimanded was taken out of thin air byKuzmin. I am from Chernihiv, give me some leeway," saidLutsenko.

He said that, contrary to the thesis that"Lutsenko should be in prison," there are clearfacts.

"The disease has existed since 2011 and wasconfirmed in February 2013. These diseases were caused by aseven-month inaction of the regime. To say that I myself havecaused the disease is cynical. My hunger is my protest, which hasbeen confirmed by the European Court," saidLutsenko.

"I am treated like a political serial killer 0courted by 17 big Prosecutor General's top dogs. More than 15judges of different levels. Which of them will be responsible formy health?" he asked.

"And do wealthy convicts come out from Bucha?There's only a bed and the morgue! Alex Yanukovych (Oleksandr -Presidebnt's elder son) will buy Bucha because it turns out thatthe clan is treated there. And he's a dentist! But then, the way hesnatches everything - he is a proctologist!" Lutsenkosaid.

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