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 In Case of Using Force Regions Deputies Risk Getting Their Butts Kicked, Bondarenko

The opposition deputy does not believe the promises of the Party of Regions that there will not be a forceful capture of the Rada.

MPVolodymyr Bondarenko in a commentary to Censor.NET gave a forecaston how the events will develop tomorrow in the VerkhovnaRada.

- The situation is such: all the assurances thatthe forceful option will not take place given by Chechetov, andYefremov are not worth a damn. Because these people have alwaysbeen a different type. But is it worth for them to arrange a massbrawl? Today, the distribution of physical force is such that theymay get their butts kicked. Before they could come with bats anddestroy everything. And the matter is simple - we are just askingthem to vote in person. There is no large political component here.You just need to fulfill the Constitution," said thedeputy.

"The power is in the truth. And it's on ourside. But we'll be ready for anything," saidBondarenko.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n233457