Ukraine Has Lines for Life Again: Hundreds of Thousands Seriously ill People Are Freightened by 1 March. VIDEO

Government is again establishing order in the market and in March will require new licenses from importers.

Hundreds ofthousands of seriously ill Ukrainians are afraid for theirlife after March 1 - those whoeach day are saved by imported drugs. Government is once againtrying to establish order in the market and in March will requirenew licenses from importers.

It will leadneither to shortage nor to a rise in price, according to PrimeMinister Azarov. However, the numbers easily explain the panic ofthe population: 27 billion UAH have been spent by Ukrainians ondrugs past year, with domestic products being only 20%, and imports- 80%. And if in this situation, the officials slow down theissuance of licenses even a little, the salvation may belate.

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