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 Putin to FSB: If Someone Stops Russia’s Integration Processes We Will Use Force

Russian President Vladimir Putin is confident that the integration of the former Soviet Republics cannot be stopped despite the shouts from outside.

This was stated by Putin at an expanded meeting of theFederal Security Service of Russia on the results of its work in2012, reports UNIAN.

"We have heard anumber of recent, frank, nervous, frankly irritating statementsregarding the integration processes in the post-Soviet territories.We will regard them as emotional rhetoric of the politicians. Tightintegration is an objective world process. And no shouts or pushesincluding in our territories cannot stop it," Putinsaid.

He noted thatRussia faces attempts to impede integration work.

According to him,a variety of pressure tools, including mechanisms of the so-called"soft power may be used.

Putin stressedthat the sovereign right of Russia and its partners to build anddevelop its integration project should be wellprotected.

"I ask you here towork closely with your colleagues and partners from Belarus,Kazakhstan and other countries that are involved in the variousintegration processes," he said.

In addition, Putinstressed that any direct or indirect interference in Russia'sinternal affairs, and any form of pressure on Russia, the Russianallies and partners is unacceptable.

As it wasreported, on December 6, 2012 then U.S. Secretary of State HillaryClinton said that the suppression of opposition sentiment inEastern Europe and Central Asia could lead to a new "Sovietization"of these countries. According to her, the process of"Sovietization" may be represented by such names as the CustomsUnion and the Eurasian Union. "We cannot make a mistake. We knowthe goal, and we're trying to find an effective way to slow orprevent this process," said Clinton.

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