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 Main Witness in Shcherban Case is a Paid PGO Informant, Says Turchynov

The regime is breaking the law and the Constitution, by not allowing deputies and citizens to the hearing of the Shcherban case.

This was stated by chairman of the Batkivschyna PoliticalCouncil Oleksandr Turchynov, who was also not allowed into thecourt, reports the party press service.

According to him, yesterday, the General Prosecutor'sOffice and the Office of the President "began to turn trialShcherban into madness. The main witness in the case of theProsecutor General's Office turned out to be sprinkled withmothballs paid snitch of the GPO. In his lies he was referring tothe dead, who can neither deny nor confirm this verbal nonsense,"said Turchynov. He added that "today's this madness was enforcedwith the court decision not to allow the deputies." OleksandrTurchynov noted that, under the disgraceful decision not a singleMP was allowed in the room, even those who were not in courtyesterday."

"It's likeremoving people based on whether they are workers or peasants," heprotested, adding that "the regime of Yanukovych shows contempt forthe Constitution and the laws." The politician added that he wastrying to get into the courtroom, presenting Ukrainian passport,"as a private citizen." However, according to him, the protectionof the court stated that "the citizens of Ukraine were also notallowed". "The people who call themselves judges bullied not onlycommon sense - they are treading water on the Constitution and thelaw," said Oleksandr Turchynov. He noted that the exclusion ofdeputies and citizens in today's session of the court, without anyexplanation, "is another testament to the fact that the dirty showinitiated by the Administration of the President completelyfailed."

Turchynov notedthat "this judicial farce against the leader of the oppositionwhich occurs on the eve of the EU-Ukraine Summit threatens thecountry with international isolation."

The court isentirely surrounded by Berkut police specialforces.

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