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 U.S. Congress Will Consider Sanctions Against Ukrainian Officials, McCain

U.S. Congress to consider sanctions against Ukrainian officials. This was stated by former U.S. presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, who this week met with the daughter of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, Yevheniia.

Accordingto the Voice of America McCain, who is a close friend of hiscolleague on the Committee on Foreign Relations, and now the U.S.secretary of state John Kerry, said there is an increased talk inthe Congress of possible sanctions against Ukrainian officials."The Foreign Relations Committee will consider the matter. Hard topredict what the outcome will be but we're really concerned aboutthe situation with the violation of basic human rights and thestate of democracy in Ukraine," he said.

"The imprisonment of political leaders had amajor impact on public opinion here in the Congress. We do notbelieve that Tymoshenko was convicted after a fair trial. This isthe conclusion of international observers, not only here in theUnited States," said McCain.

The senator said that the U.S. Congress andgovernment are very concerned about not only the treatment ofTymoshenko, but also the slow erosion of human rights and anincrease of Russia's interference in the affairs of Ukraine. "TheUnited States understands the importance of Ukraine. This is a bigcountry with a strategic location, and we understand the importanceof Ukraine to the security of the United States. I know that thenew Secretary of State, John Kerry is very concerned and knows andunderstands Ukraine," he said.

"What we would like to see is democratization,freedom. We want to have good relations with Ukraine. We would liketo see the President of Ukraine visiting Washington, but it is verydifficult to welcome him here as long as there are human rightsviolations in Ukraine," said McCain .

As reported, the U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kapturhas prepared a draft resolution for adoption by the House ofRepresentatives of the United States regarding Ukraine and therelease of wrongfully convicted former Prime Minister YuliaTymoshenko and former Interior Minister YuriiLutsenko.

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