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 He said this during an interrogation in the Court of Appeal of Kiev, reports the Ukrainian Pravda.

With reference to the same Riabin he claims that Lazarenko had a business conflict with Shcherban.

Marienkovalso said that in 1997 he came in contact with Yevhen Kushnir andhe told him that the "Four-eyes" (Lazarenko) abandoned them, anddid not give any economic preferences." The witness told a lot ofdetails about his links with the crime bosses of the time, as wellas familiarity with Kravchenko and Fere.

Marienkov also said Kushnir wanted to kill him.According to the witness, he warned Fere about the assassinationattempts on Volkov and Bakai. In addition, Marienkov noted thatKushnir said "Tymoshenko and Lazarenko is the same thing for them.And Yulia will solve all the problems of financial nature." He alsonoted that the money for the release of Kushnir was taken fromTymoshenko.

As the correspondent of Ukrainian Pravda notes,judge Tsarevych is very favorable to the witness, smiling at him,and asked her assistant to bring him some water. The witness didnot provide any direct evidence linking Tymoshenko and Lazarenko tothe murder.

In his words, the witness was referring to thewords of Riabin or Kushnir. And in his remarks about Kushnir hestated that Kushnir at that time had been drinking heavily for twoyears. In concluding his testimony, Marienko said: "All that I amtelling you now, I said in the previous three hearings. Someonemight ask why I did not mention Tymoshenko. For me she andLazarenko are the same thing."

The court will continue the witness questioningon February 14 at 10 am.

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