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 Main Prosecution Witness in Shcherban Case is a Friend of Yanukovych’s Son

President's son Oleksandr Yanukovych is a business partner of Ruslan Shcherban and has frequently visited the hunting base where a year ago a man was killed.

JournalistTetiana Chornovil writes in her article for the Ukrainian Pravdathat the future victim Drozdov Rodion came to visit Scherban withone Bogdanov. Bogdanov and Drozdov were business partners. InDonetsk they have registered industrial and commercial enterpriseMetugletreyd 2008 which extracted and enriched coal.

The same Bogdanov is the director of financialand industrial company Capital LLC 100% of which is owned by RuslanShcherban.

But the most interesting thing is that in 2008the same Bogdanov founded the Company Donsnabtara. This is thefirst public company of... Yanukovych's eldest son! In 2008, underits roof were the current stars of political and economic life ofthe country.

In particular, Valentina Arbuzova - the motherof the current Deputy Prime Minister Serhii Arbuzov was in chargeof this company. The main shareholder of the company with a part of75 million was then personally OleksandrYanukovych.

It turns out that a partner of OleksandrYanukovych was shot by a gun of Ruslan Shcherban?

Also, it seems that Ruslan Shcherban andOleksandr Yanukovych were close in business matters. It is possiblethat Bogdanov represented the interests of Ruslan Shcherban in theDonsnabtara, the article says.

In addition, the younger Shcherban andYanukovych have a common passion - banking. In the register ofcourt decisions in May 2009 the author found some interestinginformation about a case in which the activities of largeconversion center where the banks of Yanukovych UkrBusinessBank andRuslan Shcherban Bank Capital were involved.

Residents of Mayatske forestry have told theauthor that Oleksandr Yanukovych occasionally came to RuslanShcherban to hunt.

"He has not been here for a while, though," aman from forestry sais. "Last time he came six monthsago."

Answering the question whether OleksandrYanukovych came here last winter, when a man was killed duringhunting the man did not say anything but "I do not know".

As the author points out, the fact thatOleksandr Yanukovych is close to Ruslan Shcherban is itself veryinteresting. Yulia Tymoshenko believes that prosecutors fabricatedthe case against her at the personal request of Yanukovych. Andthen it turns out that the main prosecution witness is a friend ofthe son of the person who is most interested in Tymoshenko beingsentenced to life imprisonment.

Therefore, the question naturally arises, is thetestimony of Shcherban influenced by his powerful friends? There isalso a question whether the factor of Shcherban's friendship withYanukovych influenced the murder investigationDrozdov.

Indeed, being close to the Family helps toresolve the problems in any criminal case, the author says, citingthe example of Viktor Yanukovych's road guy - head of UkravtodorVolodymyr Demishkan. "Two years ago, the court released his sonSerhii from serving a sentence in connection with his health - hecommitted a brutal murder (Demishkan Jr. tied the old man to thebattery, pressed his chest down and finally saying "Say hello toCousteau threw him in the lake). However Demishkan has earned therelease of his son - promoting alienation of health resorts CapeAya in the Crimea for the Family," wrote thejournalist.

Therefore Shcherban could be helped for hisproblems as a friend. Although in this case, and Shcherban, also asa friend, could not refuse to testify againstTymoshenko.

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