Party of Regions Found out that Ukrainian Economy is in Trouble: We are not in the Habit of Blaming Predecessors but…

Ukraine's economy is going through a serious crisis.

Such aconclusion can be drawn from the words of Party of Regions deputyOleh Tsarev reports Gazeta.ua.

"We see today that every other plant is notworking. Whatever our tax service says that we have the lowestinterest rate, believe me, as a former member of the Finance andBanking Committee, the tax rates we have are one of the highest.Today, we have the highest energy prices in Europe. And we have themost expensive money in Europe," said the Tsarev onEra-FM.

According to him, a particularly acute problemof expensive money is due to large domesticloans.

"We are not in the habit of blaming thepredecessors. But all the governments before the government ofMykola Azarov especially the one right before him were activelyissuing in internal government bonds" - said theTsar.

Earlier, the International Monetary Fundforecast GDP growth in Ukraine in 2013 in the range of0-1%.

Despite warnings from the internationalfinancial institutions, the government of Mykola Azarov expectsUkraine's GDP growth in 2013 to be at a level of3-4%.

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