Symonenko Outraged with Work of Azarov He Recently Voted for and Threatens Resignation

Faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine demands to immediately provide to the Verkhovna Rada the program of action of the Government in accordance with the Constitution and the law on the Cabinet of Ministers.

Head ofthe faction Petro Symonenko stated: "In the case the program ofAction of the Cabinet will not be made public before the end of themonth, the faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine will take theinitiative to consider the responsibility of the Government to theParliament, and by the end of this review, it may raise thequestion of confidence to the Cabinet of Azarov."

Petro Symonenko is outraged that after 1.5months from the start of the new Azarov government neither thedeputies nor the public have seen the program of action of theCabinet.

"The objectives, priorities, key objectives ofthe country's development which must implemented by the governmentare absolutely unclear. And if there is no such program, it is notclear who is responsible for its implementation, who will beresponsible for the results. After all, how does the Party ofRegions and personally Azarov plan to fulfill their lavish campaignpromises," he said.

Communist Party leader also recalled some ofthis problems that in his opinion the government is "trying tosolve in the manual mode."

"We are witnessing adventurous projects, such asthe signing of the contract for the construction of LNG-terminalwith a ski instructor, questionable agreement with ShellCorporation on shale gas, which if allowed will lead the country toan ecological disaster. We see a very scandalous situation toprocurement of medicines due to lack of import licensing system,"he said.

In addition, according to Symonenko, thereremains an acute problem with the payment of salaryarrears.

He noted that if the program of the Cabinet onthe urgent measures is not immediately considered and approved, thesituation will become critical, moreover, the work of the VerkhovnaRada "will turn into complete chaos, as it will be considering andadopting not target and program bills but taken out of context andillogical laws of financial clans and groups."

"Everybody knows that the Communists played akey role in approving Azarov. Our goal was for the state tosystematically and without delay begin addressing the existingproblems. Prime Minister Azarov personally promised us thesystematic resolving of a number of important countries forsocio-economic issues. But by voting, we just talked about the factthat if in the near future we do not see systematic, consistent andplanned actions, the Communists will raise the issue of confidencein the government," said Petro Symonenko.

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