Party of Regions: Government Will not Refrain from Currency Tax. People Understand and Support it

The opinion was expressed by Party of Regions MP, first deputy head of the Committee for Enterprise, regulatory and antitrust policy Vladyslav Lukianov.

In an interview to Glavkom he stated: "After explaining theposition of the National Bank, the people realized that if you wantto sell the currency - put it in a bank account and withdraw thehryvnia. For speculators, it complicates the work, and when peoplerealized this, many people even supported this proposal. At themoment, the issue on the agenda is not necessary, but in case ofspeculative events in the market, it could work as an interimmeasure. Although I believe that a small devaluation of the hryvniato the values ​​of 8.3 - 8.4 would play a positive role in terms ofstabilizing the balance of export - import, it would improve ourexport position," said the deputy.

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