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 Opposition Kicked Out Police Economic Crime Division from Avakov's Office. VIDEO

DFEC officers left Avakov's Office.

Batkivschynadeputy Andrii Shevchenko informed of this on his Twitterpage.

"We havedefended the office of Avakov. Division for Fighting EconomicCrimes left the lawyer's office. Physical force was not used. Weused our gift of persuasion))" wroteShevchenko.

The deputychairman of the Batkivshyna Andrii Ivanchuk told about the searchduring a briefing in Parliament (on video).

"The court decision is illegal, because under the new Codeof Criminal Procedure should be clearly stated that the search wasconducted in the office of an attorney. At the moment when thesearch started there were members of the opposition - MPs fromBatkіvschyna Mykola Kniazhitskyy, Volodymyr Yavorivskyy, AndriiShevchenko and Oleh Medunytsia," he said.

"We will file a request to the PGO, the Minister of InternalAffairs, and the head of the Parliament on illegal actions of lawenforcement officers in Kharkiv," said the deputy chairman ofBatkivschyna faction Andrii Ivanchuk.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v232863