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 Did We Mistake the Country We Came to? - EU Delegation Surprised by Absence of the Ukrainian Language in Cabinet of Ministers

European Commissioner Štefan Füle planned to participate in a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with all its members, but only a meeting with the Prime Minister and some members of the government took place.

"We have nothing to do with the format change, it wasdecided by the host country," said a source in the Europeandelegation, Kommersant-Ukraine reports.

Representatives ofthe European Commission on Thursday arrived at the Cabinet club inadvance and were surprised to see a post on the wall of theavailable languages for interpretation.

"1 - Russian, 2 -English" read the tables near the seats for members of the officialdelegation.

"Did we mistakethe country we came to?" joked one of the European delegationrepresentatives.

"Probably, it isassumed that Ukrainian is understood by both sides, and theinterpretation is not necessary," said another one with asmile.

Ukrainianinterpretation was indeed not available to the meetingparticipants, and Cabinet members chose which language to speakthemselves.

The speech ofPrime Minister Mykola Azarov was prepared inUkrainian.

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