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 Kyiv Subway to Change Rates - Up to about 3.20 UAH per Person

The city authorities have allocated funds from which to pay extra for the Kyiv subway 1 hryvnia 20 kopecks for each passenger while the people will continue paying the current price – 2 hryvnia.

Thiswas announced by the deputy head of Kyiv City State AdministrationRuslan Kramarenko, reports NBN.

"In general, we plan to change the rates for theKiev Metro. We will do calculations now, submit them to theappropriate services for examination. It will be about 3 hryvnia 20kopecks for a person while the payment for passengers will remain 2hryvnia. That is, the cost of the fare is not going to be changed,"said the official.

Kramarenko also added that 515 million allocatedfrom the budget for 2013 are for primary repairs of escalators andrails of the Kiev Metro.

Today, 8 February, the City Council adopted thecapital budget for 2013 which also provides for the capital'stransport and infrastructure.

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