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 Lutsenko is so Sick He Needs to be Taken from Colony for Adequate Treatment, Lawyer

The lawyer of former Interior Minister Yurii Lutsenko Oleksii Bahanets emphasizes that the health of his client indicates a need for treatment outside the colony where he is serving his sentence.

Gazeta.ua cites the attorney stating that "Hehas such a medical condition that requires him to be taken awayfrom the State Penitentiary Service and be adequately treated, inconnection with the disease that he has instead of hiding thediagnoses that have previously been established by experts," hetold reporters on Friday in Chernihiv after the hearing of theChernihiv oblast Court of Appeals.

Bahanets noted that even members of the medicalservice of the Chernihiv oblast SPS who were questioned at thehearing of Menskyy court confirmed that Lutsenko's diagnosesestablished during his stay in Lukianovka detention center have notbeen refuted.

"And he has been diagnosed with - cirrhosis,hepatitis, portal hypertension and other illnesses that fall underthe list of diagnoses, under which a person cannot serve hissentence in a prison environment," he added.

The defender said that in such a situation theSPS was obliged to submit representation in court to releaseLutsenko from punishment for health reasons.

"They refused my request to do so. So we went tocourt that he made a decision in accordance with the requirementsof the new Code," he said.

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