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 We Are Pulling Up Batkivschyna Supporters to Kyiv City Council, Turchynov. VIDEO

One of the opposition leaders told how things will develop in the city hall of the capital.

Oleksandr Turchynov shared information about how the preparation for today's meeting of city council is going, reports Censor.NET.

"We get information from the Kyiv City Council. There are people gathering again. We are pulling up Batkivschyna supporters to ensure the restoration of the rights of Kyiv for government funding and not stealing surpluses. By the way what is happening in the Parliament, I hope, will be supported not only Kyiv. I hope it will happen in all regions. And the events in Kyiv City Council is proof of that," said Turchynov.

Today members of the city council at its session will consider the Kyiv budget for 2013. Representatives of Batkivschyna are located on the stairs in front of the building. Protesters hold party flags and banners "Popov - mayor, Kyiv - dead", "Yanukovych, Give Back the Money to Kyiv", "Budget for Kyiv, Ticket for Hyundai to Popov!".

Near a stage there is a makeshift photo-banner "Kyiv Apocalypse".

At the main entrance to the KSCA opposition put an old vacuum cleaner with the words "Popov's Budget sucks 8 billion UAH from the pockets of Kyiv to Improve Yanukovych's Life"

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