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 Khoroshkovskyy Was Given a Choice – Sell Inter to Levochkin or Oleksandr Yanukovych, Media Claims

Khoroshkovskyy had a choice: to publicly sell Inter to Serhii Levochkin and Dmytro Firtash or quietly, without publicity sell it to the President's son Oleksandr Yanukovych.

Asource of Kommersant-Ukraine in the Group DF of Dmytro Firtashclaims that "Khoroshkovskyy was forced to sell his media groupbecause of political pressure from Prime Minister Mykola Azarov andthe President's Family."

Director of the Institute of Global StrategiesVadym Karasev commented on this version: "In this case, it is notsurprising that he chose Serhii Levochkin. This option isconvenient for both sides - Dmytro Firtash and thePresident."

"On the one hand, Levochkin was alwaysassociated with informal group operating in the interests ofFirtash. On the other, he is a confidant of the President -otherwise he would not be the head of his administration," said theexpert.

"The announcement that Serhii Levochkin became aco-owner of Inter provides a logical explanation for the policy ofthe channel being pro Presidential - it belongs to the head of hisadministration," said Karasev.

General Producer of Channel 5 and Batkivschynadeputy Yurii Stets stated: "As far as I know, the post of head ofthe department of information policy may be taken by YevgeniyKiselev. And there were questions regarding his work in terms oftransparency."

Kiselev himself stated: "For now these arerumors that I do not think necessary to commenton."

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