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 Vlasenko on Testimony of Mysterious Witness in Shcherban Case: This is Renat’s Fairytales, Volume One

Defense of Yulia Tymoshenko believes that yesterday's attempts to involve the ex-Prime Minister in the investigative actions of questioning the witness in the pre-trial investigation of the Shcherban case were illegal.

Thiswas announced at a briefing of Tymoshenko's lawyer Serhii Vlasenko,reports Batkivschyna's press service.

"Thecourt today practically confirmed that yesterday's hearing wasillegal and illegitimate. And if the defense yesterday did notinsist on obvious things, the court would have not reacted andcontinued to violate the requirements of the current legislation,"- he said.

Vlasenko said that the court violates the law,not only in the part of the videoconference but in part of thewitness testimony at the hearing on the pre-trial stage ofinvestigation.

"Thisis an illegal action. I started telling this to the court today,but you can see - the court is not interested," said thelawyer.

Henoted that during the hearing he emphasized that Yulia Tymoshenkois being treated at the Kharkiv hospital ofUkrzaliznytsia.

According to Serhii Vlasenko, he knows that inthe near future Tymoshenko will be attended to by German doctors"who can provide their qualified conclusions about the state ofYulia Tymoshenko."

"Mypersonal communication with Yulia Tymoshenko on Friday and today'sconversation with her daughter has confirmed that Tymoshenko'shealth is deteriorating," he said.

"I seeno medical possibility - I would like to stress on medical - todeliver Yulia Tymoshenko to a court in Kyiv," said thedefender.

According to him, Yulia Tymoshenko does want toattend the court in the pre-trial investigation in conductinginvestigations on the interrogation of the alledgedwitness.

"Wewould like to show everyone the farcical nature of the charges inthe Shcherban case," said Serhii Vlasenko.

Heinformed that the defenders had time to read the testimony of theso-called witness and noted that the "testimony" can only bedescribed as "Renat's fairytales".

"Icannot reveal the content of the testimony, but for myself, I callthem Renat's fairytales,. Volume One."

Vlasenko did not tell the reporters the name ofthe witness, as it is an investigative secret but said thatTymoshenko had never seen the man.

"Thisis a man who Yulia Tymoshenko does not know personally, never seenbefore, never talked to him, had no opportunity to contact him.This man was not a business partner or a contractor of thecompanies where Yulia Tymoshenko worked. He's just an outsider, whowill tell you Renat's fairytales tomorrow," said thelawyer.

SerhiiVlasenko also expressed belief that there is a direct line betweenthe General Prosecutor's Office and Pechersk Court. He is confidentthat all the steps in Tymoshenko case are agreed between courts andwith the GPO.

"It isno accident that judge Tsarevych announced the hearing on February13," he said.

"Ajudge had not thought for a second on the lawyer's statements. Shelooked at the sheet of paper and set a hearing on the day followingthe date that is assigned in Kharkiv on the next case against YuliaTymoshenko on oral instructions which she allegedly gave theaccountant of UESU, when she was s deputy," saidVlasenko.

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