13-Year-Old High School Student from Kyiv Ilia Kovalevskyy Named Best Programmer by Google

The contest was held from 26 November 2012 to 14 January 2013, during which time the competition was attended by 334 students from 36 countries, which together carried out 1,925 jobs.

The press service of Google informs that a student from Kiev, 13-year-old Ilia Kovalevskyy became one of 20 winners of Google Code-in 2012 contest in software development with open source for school students . In this list, Ilya was the only representative from the CIS countries.

Twenty of the best included students from India, Uruguay, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Ireland, China, Argentina, Romania and Australia. Teens who are not yet university students performed a total of 576 compelling tasks - from assessment of Face Detection in the Disaster Management program to creating videos and screencasts to teach others the principles of the software organization and explaining how to write scripts for MySQL table development.

For most students, this was the first introduction to open source software development. As part of Google Code-in, they were able to work with the leading experts of Open Source organizations that gave them a variety of tasks to perform.

As a result, each of the 10 mentoring organizations involved in the development of open source software, has selected two members who became the winners of these organizations on the basis of the work they performed during the seven weeks of the competition.

In late April, the winners of the first prize will go to the main headquarters of Google in Mountain View, California, United States for four days along with their parents or legal guardians. During the trip, students will attend the awards ceremony, will meet with engineers from Google, spend a day in San Francisco and get c chance to find new friends with the same interests.

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