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 Jailers Have Done the Impossible at Yanukovych’s Order

The Penitentiary Service issued a media statement saying that the opposition leader and another 120 prisoners are under constant video surveillance in Ukraine.

Jailersare once again manipulating the information, as none of theconvicts with life sentence is under constant video surveillance ofthree cameras simultaneously, states the press service ofBatkivschyna.

Forexample, in the residential parts of Kachanovska colony there areno cameras, as Batkivschyna deputies Alexander Kuzhel, TatianaSlyuzov and Lyudmila Denisova saw for themselves during a visit tothe colony.

Penitentiary Service heads on meeting withprosecutors and opposition MPs also stated that they cannot createa colony in the hospital.

This isanother lie, for in respect of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenkothe prison guards under the order of Yanukovych regime did theimpossible - the colony has long been established in Ukrzaliznytsiahospital .

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n232213