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 Kolesnikov is Building a Personal Restroom in Rada. PHOTO

Journalists released photos of "place of rest" for of the Regions deputy.

The office ofRegions Boris Kolesnikov is undergoing extensive repairs. Thejournalists learned about these works from deputies working in theparliamentary committees building on Sadovaia street, 3-a, reportsUkrainian Pravda.

The journalistsvisited the facility. On the ninth floor we found a familiarpicture. The furniture is in the hallway, the floor carpet isripped. Right at the exit of the elevator thereis construction material. Next is the door of office apartment ofKolesnikov.

This is how Kolesnikov's room looks like.

This is the toilet

You can knock on this door and get into the deputy'srestroom.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p232102