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 Former U.S. Ambassadors Recommend New Secretary of State Against Meeting With Yanukovych: Criminal Plutocracy Rules Ukraine

Former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine are frustrated by further cooperation with Ukraine.

They advise the new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry not to meet with Viktor Yanukovych and insist on Kyiv's compliance with democratic standards Kiev, reports BBC-Ukraine.

According to the report, it was stated by former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine Steven Pifer, John Herbst and Bill Miller in a meeting at the Kennan Institute in Washington.

A few days ago, the U.S. Senate approved the State Secretary - head of American diplomacy - 69-year-old Democratic Senator John Kerry, who could be sworn in on February 1. D. Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton.

Speaking at the Kennan Institute, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine in 1998-2000-s Steve Pifer said that he would advise the new leaders of the State Department not to hold a meeting with Viktor Yanukovych at the highest level, until the situation with the protection of democracy in Ukraine changes.

"In case of even a short unscheduled meeting with Obama, Viktor Yanukovych's clique represents it as if the American President had a full meeting with him, when it is not so," said Pifer.

Analyzing the development of Ukraine since independence, he said that one of its largest problems, in his view, is the leaders lack of strategic vision of Ukrainian national development.

According to Mr. Pifer, Ukraine now faces several problems: how to get back on the path of democratic development of at least the time of 2005-2009, how to unite the opposition, how best to carry out economic reforms and overcome the growing international isolation of Ukraine.

According to Bill Miller, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine in 1993-98, Ukraine has to thoroughly work on economic reforms to overcome the "criminal plutocracy."

Mr. Miller believes that the U.S. should continue to financially support the civil society in Ukraine, because, according to the diplomat, the future is for the young Ukrainian leaders.

Assessing the economic strategy of the current Ukrainian leadership, John Herbst, Ambassador to Ukraine in 2003-2006, noted the positive dynamics in the development of independent energy sector of Ukraine.

The recent signing of an agreement with Shell, the focus of Ukraine on the EU, and not the Customs Union with Russia, according to Herbst, shows that Yanukovych is not going to sacrifice the independence of Ukraine and that the Ukrainian businessmen would like to become European ones.

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