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 Melnychenko: If Kuchma Had Nothing to Do with Gongadze Murder What Did He Pay 2 Million For?

Mykola Melnychenko Made Another Sensational Statement

Ex-PresidentLeonid Kuchma tried to buy Mykola Melnychenko's original recordingsregarding Gongadze and Yeliashkevych for $ 2 million. This wasstated by Mykola Melnychenko in an interview to News.ua24.

"Sure, I'd like to see the court make thedecision: "The murder and kidnapping of Gongadze was committed byorder. Pukach had no personal motive. It was an order from above."But this, unfortunately, did not happen. But it is confirmed notonly by my records, but also by all subsequent actions. Forexample, when Pukach was arrested in 2003 and later released. IfKuchma had nothing to do with it and if he was not involved withPukach, I ask: "What did you pay two million to Melnychenko Mykolain Moscow? What for? For his beautiful eyes? No. I clearlytestified: He wanted to buy the original recording Gongadze andYeliashkevych. In order not to be criminally responsible for thecrime," said Melnychenko.

According to Melnychenko, "this is just oneepisode that is documented. And there are others."

"I come to Ukraine, a person from Pinchukapproaches me and says: "Mykola, Pinchuk gives you 10 milliondollars to just leave. Because Kuchma is very nervous," said theex-Major of State Protection.

"During President Kuchma's rule the country wascruelly and perversely robbed. And this crime should be stoppedsomeday. You cannot have someone in power who is fabulously richand everyone else is impoverished cattle. Cattle to be silent, tobe "doing what we say." For such things there must be a punishment.And when Renat Kuzmin opened a criminal case against Kuchma, Ibelieve that over the years of independence it was a breath offresh air. People were given some hope. Because under Kuchma andYushchenko, the Gongadze case is not investigated. And underYanukovych - it started moving. First of all, thanks to thepersonal qualities of Kuzmin," said Melnychenko.

Answering the question of whether, in hisopinion, the Gongadze case will be continued, Mykola Melnichenkosaid:

"It Kuzmin is doing it - it will continue andthere will be further investigation. The court will assess theactions of Kuchma and Lytvyn in Gongadze case. I know the ins andouts of the current political beau monde of Ukraine. Besides KuzminI do not see yet another figure who could take this cross, and pullit."

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