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 US Congress Discusses Sanctions Regarding Ukrainian Officials, Says Former Ambassador Pfeiffer

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and senior analyst at the Brookings Institute in Washington Steven Pfeiffer said that in Congress is talking about of sanctions against Ukrainian officials.

He stated it in aninterview to Voice of America.

"I think today weshall follow the Congress closely. Extremely critical resolution onUkraine, which Congress passed in September was adoptedunanimously. This means that there was not a single Americanlegislator who would act against it. This means that there is anextremely deep concern in Congress regarding what is happening inUkraine. In Congress, there is talk of sanctions against Ukrainianofficials, as it was not a year or two ago. I just hope that Kyivunderstands and accepts this as a reflection of deep concern," saidthe analyst.

Pfeiffer remindedthat the U.S. has repeatedly said that progress in Ukraine'srelations with the U.S., as well as the progress in relations withthe EU will depend on the democratic progress inUkraine.

"That's why I'mconcerned about new charges against Tymoshenko. Given the previousviolations of the rule of law in the previous case against her, Ithink that they will not contribute to improving the relationsbetween Ukraine and the EU and the U.S.," saidPfeiffer.

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